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Equine Mortality, Medical and Liability Insurance Specialists

You have health and life insurance, right?

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Comprehensive liability and property insurance policies specific for Farm and Ranch Businesses – and our rates are amazing as well!

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Farm Insurance

We are one of the first agencies to offer a flexible policy specifically for the agribusiness industry. Farm operations vary in size and scope. That’s why we offer customized plans for our clients’ specific needs versus the traditional one-size-fits-all packaged policy. Whether it’s a dairy, beef, poultry, aquaculture farm or just about anything else, we tailor our policies to fit clients’ unique operations.

Ranch Insurance

Whether a ranch is more of a hobby or a complete business operation, there are huge exposures that must be properly protected. Our ranch policies combine personal, farm, business property, and liability coverages. This makes meeting clients’ insurance needs comprehensive while providing specific insurance protection for livestock, equine, grain, ostriches, llamas, and more.

Equine Insurance

Horses are special animals. There’s a unique level of enthusiasm, loyalty, and pride among the people who own, breed or board them. We understand the many business and insurance issues that can affect horse owners and equine business operators. Whether our clients raise miniature ponies or elite breeding stallions, we’ll help design an equine insurance policy that is tailored to fit all operations.

Commercial Insurance

We don’t insure everything… but just about. From professional offices such as legal, medical, real estate, interior design, to bike, gift, hardware, candy, bakery stores and much more, we have niche products that are comprehensive and competitive to protect our clients. We pride ourselves in taking the time to “properly” insure commercial properties, businesses, vehicles, and more so that there are no gaps or overlapping.

Personal Insurance

We have captive products that others cannot offer to protect homes, autos, RVs, boats, ATVs, as well as umbrella liability policies. We are also highly trained to educate our clients about how much and what type of personal life insurance they need to meet their goals and lifestyle. We uniquely offer a discount for having a home, auto and life policies all with one agent.

Financial Services

We have access to the world’s leading life insurance products, annuities, and other related financial services. Our goal is to educate our clients, giving them an understanding and awareness to choose what fits their needs and goals. We don’t push products! Instead, we offer strategies and solutions to help the clients choose the best fit for their goals, businesses, and lifestyle.


About Our Experts
Mark Miletello

Mark Miletello has been the top producer with one of the nation’s largest and most respected insurance companies. He is the Multiple Line General Agent and visionary leading this team. Mark will be beside you every step of the way from beginning to winning.

Heather Miletello specializes in equine, farm & ranch, and agriculture business insurance
Heather Miletello

Heather Miletello is ranked as one of the top equine specialist in California for our company. She takes the extra detailed steps needed to be sure her clients are insured correctly and accurately. Her clients can feel confident knowing they are in good hands.

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