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Equestrian & Equine Business Insurance Specialists

Comprehensive liability & property insurance policies specific for Equestrian Business – and our rates are amazing as well!

Heather Miletello specializes in equine, farm & ranch, and agriculture business insurance

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Equine Professional Insurance

We walk all property personally and with thorough concentration to be sure the property and the clients are well insured correctly. We offer very competitive rates as well as strong client service. We simply insure what they value most. Farm vehicles, farm loss of income, Farm umbrella. And through brokerage channels: workers comp liability, horse mortality insurance.

Equine Liability Insurance

*Certain horse-related activities and participants at shows, exhibitions and events

*Riding instruction



*Hay and sleigh rides

*Carriage and buggy rides

*Special events

Equine Property Insurance

*Residences and household contents

*Farm products and supplies



*Hay and grain

*Farm Machinery

Country Estate Insurance

*Cover your farm, residence, barns, outbuildings and more

*Windstorms, hail, fire, theft and identity theft

*Mechanical equipment and utility service line failures

*Farm machinery, tools and products, livestock and supplies

+ Add Equine Coverage:

*Horses in your care, custody and control

*Cover activities and participants at shows and events

*Tack belongings to others

Choose Your Options

Our equine-package policy enhancements allow you to select additional coverages that can include protection for valuable papers, records and computer equipment to non-owned tack, golf carts, liability coverage for horse show judges and more. You can also choose coverage for other people’s horses that are in your care whether for training, showing or boarding.

* Both Country Estate Insurance and Equine Insurance offer three levels of coverage – Choice, Select and Premier